Reviews from our Happy Customers

"Great place to buy a used car. The owner really cares about the customers and wants to make sure that they have a reliable vehicle that will last. The business also takes care of the yearly MOT with is great. One less thing to worry about. It's very close to both military bases so if you need to go back for any reason its not inconvenient. Highly recommended to buy your car from here."

John Heidenescher, via Google

" Having been in the UK for 2 years now, I have had my share of bad luck when it came to cars. Someone recommended Air Force Auto Sales to me to ensure I get a quality car and one that I could rely on for everyday purposes. I couldn't have been more satisfied with the team over there."

Kyle Johnson, via Google

"I used their service for 4 years and they were excellent all-around. Customer service, reliability, and prices all are top notch. They are very accommodating and will even work around your schedule in certain situations. Whether it's buying or renting, I've recommended this place to everyone I've worked with who needed car service and they weren't disappointed!"

Nate “eNVy” Valentine, via Google

"Over the 7 years I was stationed in England Low Cost Rentals and Auto Sales has been my go to dealership! Never once was I under-serviced or overpriced. Whether it was upgrading a vehicle, brake changes, MOTs, rentals or selling vehicles back to the company, it was good business. The vehicles are reliable and their service is top notch. Thank you Air Force Auto Sales for keeping me moving for my entire tour."

Jason C, via Google

"I purchased a vehicle from Air Force Auto Sale/Low Cost Car Rental in 2016 and I have been utilizing their services since, I can't beat a free MOT for as long as I own the vehicle and that includes a retest. They have kept my 03' Honda Accord on these UK streets since 2016 and I know that when the time comes for me to upgrade Air Force Auto Sales/Low Cost Car Rental will be right there for me. Loyal in service and loyal out of service."

Bobby Ray, via Google

"Great place to get a car! We worked with Arfan and he did an excellent job of getting us all set up without being pushy. Very friendly and wonderful customer service. This is the the perfect set up for anyone who is looking for a good car at an affordable price. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!"

Nicole Pedraza, via Google

"I had difficulties with the car’s engine light being on during the three years I owned it, but Jaimie did everything in his power to remedy it including buying back the vehicle when we moved. Overall, I would recommend based on customer service. Buying a used car always comes with risks but that’s why it’s important to buy from a reputable company like Airforce Auto sales."

Kara Smittle, via Google

"Great experience! Air Force Auto is not selling you just a car they are selling you a service commitment . It begins from the start as they will do the MOT inspection as part of the transaction, ensure you have paid the road tax before you head out, and facilitate you getting the right insurance program before you leave the car lot and hit the road. They also included a car rental for free (loaner car) while I waited for the MOT inspection to be performed over a few days as the garage was backed up. I purchased the 1 year warranty on the vehicle with the warranty guaranteeing 50% of parts and Labor on the car the first year you have it. They want you to bring the car in once a month now to validate the warranty though, but at least I have a local garage that is interested in keeping my car up to speed. Overall they were great about helping to navigate the British car buying process. Ask about their loyalty plan too!"

Matthew Koerschner, via Google

"Just purchased a lovely vehicle today from Arfan at Airforce Auto Sales. Excellent customer service and very friendly staff. Got us sorted very quickly, gave us a great deal and had the car ready the same day! Highly recommend."

Hilary Keutgen, via Google

"Hands down the best experience I have ever had in a car dealership, Referred 2 of my close friends and they both bought cars. Arfan was very helpful and made the process very easy. Highly Recommended."

Mohaan Mo, via Google