Available Exclusively to Existing AFAS Customers

In the UK, cars over 3 years old require an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. They do not test if everything works on a vehicle but do test vehicle safety, road-worthiness and exhaust emissions.  Tests are annual, cost an average of £50, and are available through AirForce Auto Sales - your convenient one-stop for autos.

Ask us about our 'MOT for LIFE' and our

Dealer Warranty upgrade

When your car needs an oil change, service or other mechanical maintenance, give us a call.  We'd be happy to have our mechanics quote on the work for you, and if you are happy with the price, book your car in.

Remember, all of our vehicles come with our dealer warranty which can be upgraded to offer six months to a year of cover - please ask for details


Fully qualified with years of experience

An important part of our team are our mechanics. Cars we offer for sale are checked over, and where necessary, they are maintained or repaired; which gives us the confidence to offer them to you.  Our mechanics also form an essential part of our after sales service 'cause there's never been a car made yet that didn't need some TLC!